About Us

Here at Bedfordshire Events we wanted to make a place where truly local events could be found.
Keeping it local

Other event calendars promise to bring you events in your area only to find the "event you might like" is 50 miles away.

So, it is simple we wanted a place for local events by local people.

How did we get here

Bedfordshire Events is part of Bee Local Magazine.  Bee Local Magazine has, for a long time hosted an online calendar but we'll be honest here, it had its limitations.

So here we are Bedfordshire Events!  After a lot of work, a place to buy and sell tickets to your local events and at a reasonable cost or free if your event is free.

A natural addition to Bee Local Magazine - we've always delivered events through the doors of local people now we can do it online too.

We hope you like it.
Hosting an Event?
Get started by clicking create event, it is easy to host your own ticketed event and you can have you event listed and selling tickets in no time.