In these terms The Promoter refers to anyone listing an event on the Bedfordshire Events website.

The Promoter appoints Bedfordshire Events (a trading name of The Vine Magazine Limited) to sell tickets for their event. Bedfordshire Events acts purely as a ticket site and has no responsibility for events listed therein

The Promoter confirms they have the right to sell tickets for any event they are listing and that they take full responsibility for the event and the offer/s listed.

It is the Promoter’s responsibility to ensure all event and ticket details listed are accurate. Bedfordshire Events cannot be held liable for any errors.

The Promoter must not upload any name or other content that is protected by copyright or other limitation, without express permission from the licence holder or their agent. If Bedfordshire Events are informed of such breach, content may be removed without notification.

The Promoter may not list any event that would contravene the laws of the United Kingdom or would be considered inflammatory or incite hatred.

Payments will be split at the point of purchase between The Promoter and Bedfordshire Events all refund requests will be the responsibility of The Promoter.

Unless agreed in advance, Bedfordshire Events will receive 3.2% of the ticket value plus 40 pence (VAT will be charged if/or when applicable)

All transactions will be via Paypal It is The Promoters responsiblity to enter the correct information for their PayPal account in order to receive funds.

The Promoter can access a report of their sales at any time by visiting the Reports/Sales section

It is the Promoter’s responsibility to enter and update payment details and select the account for payment if more than one is registered. Bedfordshire Events take no responsibility if any payments are made to the wrong account.

In the instance of complaints about The Promoters event being received by Bedfordshire Events the complaint will be forwarded to The Promoter. No correspondence will be entered into on behalf of The Promoter and the ticket purchaser.

You agree to Bedfordshire Events using your event and images submitted to promote Bedfordshire Events and events listed. This includes but is not exclusive to; social media, email communication, website posts and promotions and print promotions, articles and advertising.

Bedfordshire Event is not liable for any fines or prosecutions resulting in The Promoters activity.

The promoter is solely responsible for ensuring that the number of tickets sold for an event complies with capacity requirements/licenses.

It is your responsibility to enter and update your contact details.

Events that offer free tickets will not be charged any fees by Bedfordshire Events.

The promoter must not include any information on their event(s) page(s) referring to other ways of purchasing tickets to their event(s), through any means. This includes any links, special offers, prices, packages, or ‘on the door’ sales that are not listed on Bedfordshire Events or any other information that may decrease or negatively affect sales with Bedfordshire Events. If an event is found listed as free where ticket sales are made by other means the event will immediately be removed and legal action may be taken for breach of terms and loss of income as a result.

All of the Terms and Conditions are governed by English law.